Helping Kids Life Jesus-Centered Lives


We partner with parents to help kids become more like Jesus.

Every Sunday we invite kids into age-appropriate, safe, and clean environments where the Bible is taught in creative and fun ways. We utilize a process called ORANGE ( to partner with parents and together show children the light and love of Jesus. 

Secure check in begins at 9:45 AM each week in the Kid's Ministry Wing.

What We Value

Beginning to Center on Jesus
The Bible is the most amazing book ever written! We strive to bring its stories to life through activities and discussions that keep children engaged. We want all children to love God's word and understand the value of applying it to their lives.

Character Development
It is never to soon to start building character. Our kids are introduced to character development as a part of what we do. We want to partner with you to see your kids grow into well-developed followers of Christ, even from their earliest stages.

Family Faith
We only have your kids for 1 hour a week, so we understand that the single greatest place they will learn about Jesus, is through you. We are not a replacement for the role you have in raising your children to love Jesus, but we are sure glad to help. We encourage families to discuss what was taught on Sunday mornings both in the Kids ministry and to the adults. Similarly, we strongly encourage all parents bring their kids with them to their weekly small group. They may feel a little distracting to have around at first, but nothing compares to your kids seeing mom and/or dad engaging Jesus and others in "real" life outside of Church.

We value children's relationships within the small group setting as they relate to their leader and other kids in the group. As families commit to attending each week, children are placed in a group of familiar faces where relationships can grow.

Every child's name tag is matched to a parent-identification number, every volunteer is screened with an interview and federal background check, and members of our security team monitor the building during services.

Kids love fun! We realize that when children have fun at church, they can't wait to come back. We value creating fun ways for children to learn about Jesus, including games, activities, singing, and more.


Need Prayer?

Life can be overwhelming. No matter what you’re facing, we’d love to pray with you!